Brush Creek Valley Farms FAQ


How will online orders be delivered?

We deliver within a 20-mile radius of Cuba, Missouri and St. Louis, complimentary for orders over $95. Wednesdays are our standard delivery day for all orders placed before 8 p.m. on Monday.



How much does it cost for delivery?

Our delivery fee is a flat $10, but we deliver complimentary for orders over $95.



How are all products packaged?

It depends on the product! All of our meat is flash frozen upon butchering to ensure premium quality. Our ground beef and sausage is packaged by the pound, but most cuts vary depending on the size of the chicken, cow or pig. We will fulfill your order as close to the pound purchased as possible. Upon delivery, we will issue a refund for any weight discrepancy.



Do we need to be home for the delivery?

Absolutely not! If you aren’t going to be home, we suggest you leave a cooler out front to keep your pasture-raised meat frozen. If your order is over $170, we will deliver in a 12x12 shipping box with insulated liner.



What’s the fat content in BCVF ground beef?

The fat content in BCVF ground beef is 85/15.



How do we redeem our BCVF gift certificate?

If you received a BCVF Gift Certificate, email with your serial number and who gifted it, and we’ll send you an activation code.



How long does the meat last in the freezer?

Per USDA recommendations: ground beef will last four months, and all other cuts are 12 months.



What’s your return policy?

Once your BCVF has been delivered, returns cannot be made per Missouri food safety regulations. We hand inspect all packaging prior to delivery; however, if your packaging has a defect, please email with a photo of said packaging and we will replace your order upon our teams’ inspection.

If you would like to modify your order prior to your Wednesday delivery, please email before 8 p.m. on Monday.