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MACE supermarkets
Paul's Market
Cuba Bakery & Deli
Peaceful bend Vineyard
Dairy Isle & Frill
Price Cutter
DKI Homecookin' & Steakhouse


“I traveled across the country from California to try one of their hamburgers and it was totally worth it. Amazing! Melted like butter when you eat it. Thankfully they have boxes you order. So instead of driving 3,000 miles I can have it delivered straight to my door. So much better than anything store bought. Guess what beef actually has flavor! Yeah who woulda known. The way they raise their beef results in flavors I promise you have never experienced!”

Alishia F

“Their burgers looked and smelled out of this world! Super nice people, will be checking out their shop.”

Roberta D

“The meat box does not disappoint! Steaks, bacon, ground beef, sausage are all delicious. Delivery was as promised. Keep up the good work.”

Matt E

“This meat is sooo delicious. We love the way it’s packed....”

Edward Y

“Love BCVF steaks, ground beef, bacon, owned and great to deal the home delivery service!”

Carol K

“I live pretty far away and I was a bit skeptical at first but Now I won’t get my meat anywhere else. The quality of their meat is truly a cut above anything I’ve ever had. Try it, you will love it too.”

Earl R

“I have received meat from Brush Creek Valley Farms for over a year now. The quality is always excellent. The service is all that I could expect and more. I tell friends and family about this business all the time.”

Pris B

“Not only is it incredible meat but the owners are some of the most kind and genuine people you will ever speak to.”

Daniel S

“By far the best meat you can buy, I won’t feed my family anything but! The owners of BCVF are so friendly, responsive... ”

Elizabeth S