Our story

We are a farm family about 85 miles outside of St. Louis, Missouri in the small town of Cuba. In 2018 we started Brush Creek Valley Farms, a direct-to-consumer farm business. It didn’t take long for us to realize how intimidating and inconvenient it was for consumers and retailers to buy directly from the farmer. As the company grew, we began solving problems within the industry to make buying straight from the farm(er) as easy as possible.

We started with a subscription meat box program so our customers are guaranteed to receive top-quality steak, burger and roast cuts monthly. We also offer individual custom meat boxes.

Proud owners

We package them in insulated boxes so your meat will stay frozen until you get home from work. Anything to make it easier on our customers, we do. If you order a half or whole beef share, we help you customize it to your liking and deliver it to your home at a time that is convenient for you. We even help you load your beef in the freezer. Like I mentioned before, anything to make it easier on our customers, we do. 

In the fall of 2020, we opened a USDA processing facility with other farmers in the area. This facility is called Oak Hill Meats and Processing. Now, we not only have better control over our inventory but we can guarantee great packaging and friendly customer service. 

Since partnering with Oak Hill Meats and Processing, we now have private labeling capabilities and industry-standard barcodes to make it easier for retailers to buy from local farmers like us.

We love being able to do this for a living, thank you for your support!

The Brush Creek Valley Farms Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

-85/15, It’s important for our customers to know that we do not add outside fat to our meat.

-For bulk beef orders, we prefer someone be available upon delivery.

-For box deliveries, no one needs to be home! Your meat is packaged in an insulated box that will keep the meat frozen for at least 12 hours!

-Yes, but not "grass-finished". They are on fresh pasture every day of their lives and we give them corn, in addition, their last 90-120 days for that perfect Marbling, texture and taste!

-No and yes. "GMOs" are supposed to be scary these days but it's not what it's all cracked up to be. We do feed our beef corn the last 90-120 days in addition to pasture to give them a good variety diet for good flavor/texture. Yellow corn is a GMO food. However, the DNA of the GMO corn does not transfer to the cattle that eat it. The nutritional value, texture and flavor of an animal that eats GMO food is the same of an animal that does not eat GMO food.

-No. We have flirted with the idea of paying money for the certificate to have that fancy label but we haven't taken that leap yet. Maybe in the future to expand our brand we will go down that route. Don't forget, "Organic" does not mean the animals are treated better or have a higher nutritional value. We take great pride in the animals we raise and the land we raise them on.

-Yes... it's real meat raised right.

-Yes! We ship nationwide.

-Depending on demand, you should have your beef within the month!

-We also keep "standard cut" 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef bundles on hand and may be delivered within the week! Standard cuts include: Porterhouse/TBone or Strip/Filet Combo, Ribeye Steak- all steaks cut at 1.5" thick, 1 per pack with the exception of the sirloin steaks which are cut at 1" thick, 1 per pack; all ground beef packed in 1lb tubes/logs; Round Steak is ground into burger; Arm roasts & Rump roasts are ground into burger; you will also receive chuck & sirloin tip roasts 3-4lbs on average; Short ribs, Soup Bones, Brisket cut in half. Please email with additional questions on our standard 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef bundles available.

-To save 10% on every monthly box you receive. Also, if for some crazy reason we run low on inventory- YOU are our TOP priority. You will always receive your meat box before other orders.


We cannot guarantee delivery of an order placed using a business address. If your package is delivered to a business that is closed, the courier will not deliver the package until the following business day. In result of this, your meat may defrost.

We ship perishable products that cannot be restocked or resold. Therefore, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.


The following reasons are covered under our policy:

  • Damaged packages (unrelated to the carrier)
  • Late delivery or improper handling caused by the carrier, resulting in defrosted items or damage
  • Missing items

The following reasons are not covered under our refund policy:

  • Incorrect address provided or refusal of delivery when shipped
  • Late delivery due to incorrect address provided
  • Inability to retrieve your order on the guaranteed delivery date, resulting in defrosted items or damage

All claims must be submitted within 3 days of delivery.

Pasture-raised means that the cattle are on fresh grass every day of their lives and grain is added to their diets the last 90-120 days for optimal taste and texture.

o Please add: Dairy Isle & Grill in Steelville & DKI Steakhouse in Sullivan


“I traveled across the country from California to try one of their hamburgers and it was totally worth it. Amazing! Melted like butter when you eat it. Thankfully they have boxes you order. So instead of driving 3,000 miles I can have it delivered straight to my door. So much better than anything store bought. Guess what beef actually has flavor! Yeah who woulda known. The way they raise their beef results in flavors I promise you have never experienced!”

Alishia F

“Their burgers looked and smelled out of this world! Super nice people, will be checking out their shop.”

Roberta D

“The meat box does not disappoint! Steaks, bacon, ground beef, sausage are all delicious. Delivery was as promised. Keep up the good work.”

Matt E

“This meat is sooo delicious. We love the way it’s packed....”

Edward Y

“Love BCVF products....best steaks, ground beef, bacon, sausage....family owned and great to deal with....love the home delivery service!”

Carol K

“I live pretty far away and I was a bit skeptical at first but Now I won’t get my meat anywhere else. The quality of their meat is truly a cut above anything I’ve ever had. Try it, you will love it too.”

Earl R

“I have received meat from Brush Creek Valley Farms for over a year now. The quality is always excellent. The service is all that I could expect and more. I tell friends and family about this business all the time.”

Pris B

“Not only is it incredible meat but the owners are some of the most kind and genuine people you will ever speak to.”

Daniel S

“By far the best meat you can buy, I won’t feed my family anything but! The owners of BCVF are so friendly, responsive... ”

Elizabeth S