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Who are we

Brush Creek Valley Farms is a mid-Missouri producer of eggs, poultry, beef and pork. We believe in sustainable agriculture, and all livestock are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and pasture raised.


our farm


Brush Creek Valley Farms was born out the idea of two neighboring farm families to bring responsibly raised meat and produce to families and consumers across Missouri. 

Our adjacent farms sit on 600 acres in the heart of Missouri, and we raise our cattle, hogs and chickens  on green, rotating pasture.

Our sustainable practices ensure agricultural longevity and quality food free of hormones and antibiotics.  


what we raise



Our chickens are free-range and see fresh pastures daily using portable fencing. We sell whole chickens both wholesale to restaurants and markets as well as directly to consumers.


We have 300 laying hens that graze in open pastures. Our eggs retail at $3.99 per dozen. 




We use a rotational grazing system for our herd, meaning they ALWAYS see fresh green grass. We sell half and quarter beef as well as various cuts including our 1 1/2 inch premium steak and our customer favorite, BCVF premium ground beef.


We sell whole and half hogs as well as various cuts for wholesale and retail. Our most popular cuts include the BCVF pork shoulder, BCVF Thick-Cut Bacon and our BCVF spicy sausage.






If you are interested in buying chickens, beef, hogs, or eggs for personal use or retail, please leave us a message! You can also reach us by phone at 573.241.1221 or email at